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Les Petits Ballets, celebrating 40 + years providing the Ottawa community with exceptional ballet training.

Pointe Shoes - Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect pointe shoe can be a difficult process and can take dancers many tries and countless pairs to get it just right. Your perfect pointe shoe needs to fit like Cinderella's glass slipper - not too small, not too big, just snug and fitted all around your foot. Since the majority of pointe shoes are still handmade, there can still be ...

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Pointe Preparedness - Are You Ready for Pointe?

 Do you dream of donning your first pair of peachy-pink satin pointe shoes? This iconic symbol of the ballerina is aspirational for many young dancers. Though we may want to start pointe right away, it's important that the process is not rushed to decrease the risk of injury. There are many factors to consider when determining if a ballet stud...

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Ballon - Achieving Enviable Jumps

 Ballon - A ballet term that refers to a dancer appearing to hover in the air when performing a jump. This light-weight and airy quality in allegro work is highly desired in ballet as it adds to the illusion of ease and weightlessness while dancing. Although it makes jumps appear effortless, achieving enviable ballon actually takes a lot of ef...

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Aplomb - What is it and Why is it Important in Dance?

 APLOMB - Stability, Assurance, Poise  Correct posture allows us to use our bodies with maximum efficiency. In the words of Vaganova, "a correctly set body is the foundation of dance". We call this 'aplomb'. This term applied to the dancer means that he or she has full control of their body and limbs with their weight correctly centr...

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