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How to Sew Double Elastics on Ballets Shoes

​You have purchased a new pair of ballet slippers with double elastics, are excited to wear them and then realize you need to sew on elastics!  Don't worry!  Following the four simple steps below will ensure perfectly placed elastics and your shoes will be secure and comfortable.

You will need: 
thread, sewing needle, straight pins, scissors, pencil

Step 1

Placing Elastics:

To determine the placement of the back elastics, fold down the heel of the shoe to make a straight line across.  Mark the corner of each side with a pencil.  Some shoes will have the back elastics pre-sewn.  In this case, proceed to Step 3: Fitting Elastics.

Step 2:

Securing Elastics:

Sew one end of each elastic making sure not to sew through the drawstring.  Ensure the elastic is secure by stitching down one side and up the other.

Step 3:

Fitting Elastics:

Find the seam between the split sole on the bottom of the shoe.  This is the position where the front elastic will be attached.  Place the ballet shoe on the foot, cross the elastics over the fool and measure how long the elastics need to be for a snug fit.  Pin the elastics to the rear of the seam.  Sew the elastic at the seam.  Cut any extra length of elastic off for comfort.

Step 4:

Tightening the Drawstrings:

Tighten the drawstrings being careful to pull from each side and tie in a double know.  Trim drawstrings leaving 5 cm from the knot.  This leaves room for adjustment.  Tuck drawstring into the shoe.

                                ​All done!  You are now ready to dance and enjoy ballet class!

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