COVID-19 Procedures for classes at the NCAC:

1. Self assessments prior to entering the NCAC are mandatory. Please use the Ottawa Public Health Self-Screening Assessment provided below. All students will be asked to confirm verbally that they have completed their assessment and answered NO to all of the questions before they can enter the facility.

2. We have staggered start and end times to reduce the number of students entering and exiting the building at one time and we are using multiple entry points. All entry points will be labelled with the studio number. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not enter the facility until your teacher comes to the door and checks you in.

  • STUDIO 1 please enter and exit through the metal door that located on the west side of the building
  • STUDIO 2 please enter and exit the studio through the glass door located to the left of the main entrance
  • STUDIO 3 please enter and exit through the main entrance
  • STUDIO 10 please enter and exit through the glass door located to the right of the main entrance

3. All students are required to wear a mask at all times while inside the NCAC.

4. Everyone entering and exiting the NCAC will be required to use hand sanitizer (it will be provided) and remove your outdoor shoes. Please have a bag that you can keep your shoes in during class. *Only registered students will be allowed into the NCAC.

5. Social distancing must be respected at all times within the NCAC. We ask that everyone also respects social distancing while waiting for admittance outside of the facility.

6. In each studio, we have created physically distanced places at the barres that are 9 feet apart and areas in the center that are 9 feet by 9 feet with 6 by 6 foot squares marked out for dancing.

7. Class sizes are limited depending on the square footage of each studio.

8. If a student or anyone in their household is unwell, the student is not permitted to attend class. In this instance, students will be encouraged to participate in class via Zoom from home, if that option is available for their class.

9. If a student becomes ill while in class, staff will immediately isolate the student in a designated area and call the indicated emergency contact person. The student will be supervised and the emergency contact will have 15 minutes to pick up the student. The emergency contact will be required to wear a mask into the NCAC and sanitize their hands when entering and exiting. Ottawa Public Health will be notified immediately.

10. All students will come dressed, ready for class. Students will require a dance bag for their dance shoes, a water bottle and to put their outside clothing in. This bag will remain with students as the change rooms are currently closed. *Please fill your water bottle up at home so that you do not need to leave the studio.

11. Washrooms will be for urgent use only. Students will sanitize/wash their hands before and after use.

12. All barre and high touch point surfaces will be disinfected in between all group changes.

13. If Les Petits Ballets is required to suspend in-studio classes due to an Emergency Declaration or other required closure(s), all dance classes will continue via Zoom.

14. We will implement any other safety protocols required by the government and/or the health unit.

For important information on COVID-19 please visit the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario or Ottawa Public Health - Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.