Boys Don't Do Ballet, Do They? PT 3 - Ballet Dancers Who May Surprise You

 In our third post in our series 'Boy's Don't Do Ballet, Do They?', we will look at the benefits of ballet for everyone (not just girls) and take a look at some professional athletes who take ballet - you may be surprised! See Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking the links. Unfortunately, there are still those in society today who reinforce toxic gender stereotypes. Despite this, there are many boys/men around the world who continue to do what they love and we are proud of each and every one of them!

Dance improves overall physical fitness, balance, flexibility, posture and coordination. In addition, it can boost confidence, enhance focus and concentration and promote self-expression. It's no wonder that many professional athletes supplement their regular training with ballet class.

 Steve McLendon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers regularly takes ballet and says that "It's harder than anything else I do" (of course we dancers already know that!). NHL goaltender Ray Emery faced the end of his hockey career due to injury in 2010. After surgery he took up ballet, and less than a year later, he was back playing for the Anaheim Ducks! What a comeback!

Another famous name who sings the praises of ballet classes, is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger! In his bodybuilding days, It helped him to prepare and sharpen his poses and present himself in the best way for show day. It also kept him limber, something very important when lifting weights.

It's important to remember that doing what you love is the most important thing, despite the naysayers. Men who dance are athletic, intelligent and focused individuals with a strong sense of self. To answer the question "Boy's Don't Do Ballet, Do They?", we say, YES THEY DO!

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