Working on a New Production - Springtime

With spring approaching, Les Petits Ballets' performing company would typically be busy getting ready to perform a new production at Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe in May, as was the case for decades. While still in the midst of the pandemic, we have shifted our goals to work towards a production of a smaller scale. While the senior half of the school have begun work on a new production of Peter and the Wolf, the junior half of the school have been working on a series of dances that will be weaved together to tell the story behind Claude Monet's painting titled Springtime or The Reader. Though it will most likely be summer by the time it is performed, this spring-themed performance will represent the feeling of hope and new beginnings typically brought on by the warmer weather after a long winter. It will also represent our hopes of returning to a new normal with the arrival of the vaccines for COVID-19.

Together with 'The Reader', bluebirds, chicks, raindrops, rainbows, flowers and garden dancers will help carry the story of the coming of spring. We can't wait to bring this smaller-scale production to life! Keep an eye out on our social media for more details. 

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