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Boys Don't Do Ballet, Do They? PT 3 - Ballet Dancers Who May Surprise You

 In our third post in our series 'Boy's Don't Do Ballet, Do They?', we will look at the benefits of ballet for everyone (not just girls) and take a look at some professional athletes who take ballet - you may be surprised! See Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking the links. Unfortunately, there are still those in society today who reinforce...

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Boy's Don't Do Ballet, Do They? PT 2 - Interviews with Two Male Dancers

 In the second instalment of our 'Boys Don't Do Ballet, Do They?' series (spoiler, they do!), we have interviewed two male dancers, whose dedication to their art is so inspirational! We asked them about their experience as males in the dance world and how they cope with the incorrect idea that ballet is only for girls.   &n...

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Boys Don’t Do Ballet, Do They? - The History Behind the Stereotype

Have you ever heard someone say that ballet isn't for boys? That ballet is a feminine activity, reserved solely for girls? Statements like these can't be further from the truth. To understand why this stereotype persists today, we must first look back at the history of ballet as a performing art.  Ballet finds its origins in the Italian Renais...

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